Vintage is in the Tone

Handcrafted in France, Fuzzyphone brings a distinct, retro sound to your musical creations.
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The Fuzzyphone – A Retro Sound for Modern Creators

The Fuzzyphone is a small, handcrafted microphone made in St Brieuc, Brittany. Its unique distortion electronic circuit delivers a vintage effect, perfect for musicians, singers, and producers who want to add a touch of nostalgia to their sound.

Equally effective on vocals and acoustic instruments, the Fuzzyphone is versatile enough for studio recording and live performances.
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Dial in Your Desired Effect

With the Fuzzyphone's tuning knob, you can easily adjust the level of the retro effect. Choose from a clean sound to a highly distorted, vintage tone to match your creative vision.

The more the sound pressure increases, the more pronounced the saturation effect becomes, delivering a uniquely retro saturation.
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Hear the Fuzzyphone in Action

2/3 Vocal Effect

3/4 Vocal Effect

Blues (Smooth Effect)

Drum Sample #1

Drum Sample LoFi


Stack Vocal Extreme

Vocal Clean

Technical Specifications

Large cardioid polar pattern
Potentiometer output effect
140Hz - 10kHz frequency response
Dynamic capsule with active electronics
Requires +48V phantom power
XLR output
250-ohm output impedance
Built-in 1/4" microphone stand adapter
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